Album Releases


The Sea Was Once Here (EP) 2018

First Light (EP 2016

Selected Game & Media Credits

The Feud (GPC Games)

Hotel Transylvania 2: The Game (Reliance Games)

Call of the Wildman: Backwoods Rescue (Core Media Group)

Battle Dodgers (GPC Games)

Run, Monkey! Run! (505 Games)

Astro Pizza (Gree)

Mad Humans: Election 2012 (Sideline Amusements)

Santa's Village (Making Fun)

Pets LIVE! (Storm 8)

Freaky Space (Abandon Interactive Entertainment)

Freaky Creatures (Abandon Interactive Entertainment)

NBC Sports Real Golf (Abandon Interactive Entertainment)

Bode Miller Alpine Racing (Abandon Interactive Entertainment)

Desperate Housewives (Abandon Interactive Entertainment)

Tonka Rescue Patrol (TDK Mediactive)

Casper: Spirit Dimensions (TDK Mediactive)

Matchbox: Emergency Patrol (Mattel)

The Land Before Time: Dinosaur Arcade (TDK Mediactive)

Tyco: Assault With A Battery (Mattel)

Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver (Mattel)

Joust: Epic (Player One)

Dead in the Water (ASC)

Disney Interactive Learning & Creativity Sampler, Vol. 1 (Disney Interactive)

Awards and Accolades


Tonka: Rescue Patrol, winner Best Edutainment/Children's Audio, Game Audio Network Guild Awards

 " barely does Casper's soundtrack justice to say that it's phenomenal...the weakest musical moment here is still better than the best moment in most games, especially kids' games." —

"The visuals are nicely complimented by a full orchestrated soundtrack. Lucky Chicken, the developer, took some extra time to make the music extremely atmospheric [so] that you actually feel like you are in a haunted house...the soundtrack is brilliant..."—

 "I've had the pleasure of working with Robert for the last nine years on numerous projects. He's a rare talent reminiscent of John Williams and Danny Elfman, but with a style all his own. He always exceeds expectations and his compositions pulse with life."—Matt Saia, Director of Design, Lucky Chicken Games